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Siliconexpert Technologies has released a software upgrade for its Part Search and BOM Manager tools, increasing their speed by 38 per cent and adding features and electronic component data.

Existing subscribers will benefit at no added cost and will have access to new features such as faster data scrubbing on the bill of materials, advanced data reporting with new dashboards and a user interface, select control over page layouts and the integration of approved manufacturer lists (AMLs) at the component level.

Compatible with multiple operating systems and browsers, Siliconexpert’s Part Search and BOM Manager tools now bring faster, more intuitive results with the capability for users to combine their own comments, labels and internal corporate data with the company’s database of technical component data.

The new capabilities will enable users to find parts for designs or to search for available alternatives when obsolescence and supply-chain issues arise.

The capabilities also enable the automated monitoring of BOMs and AMLs for data changes.

Engineers, component engineers and supply-chain and materials managers can increase their productivity thanks to this combination of electronic component data content integration and customisation, according to Siliconexpert.

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