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The Centre for Alternative Technology has published a solar book to coincide with UK government’s Feed-in Tariff launch.

The new book – entitled ‘Choosing Solar Electricity: A Guide to Photovoltaic Systems’ by Brian Goss – will capitalise on the new subsidies, which will guarantee owners of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems a fixed price for all the solar electricity they produce over a 20-25-year period.

The new Feed-in Tariff scheme – to be introduced in April – will see tens of thousands of homes across Britain become ‘mini power plants’.

Up until now, solar electricity has been an expensive option, but feed-in tariffs will reduce the time it takes to pay back the cost of a system and allow users to access free electricity at a time of rising electricity prices.

Up to GBP0.35 could be paid for each unit of electricity produced by solar power.

The price is guaranteed for 25 years.

Publisher Allan Shepherd said: ‘For the first time, solar power will make economic sense for a large number of householders, property owners, businesses and anyone with a suitable site for solar electricity production.

‘For example, if you’re a member of your school’s PTA [parent-teacher association] or part of a local group, here’s a perfect opportunity to get free electricity for your school or community.

‘It will take investment upfront, but the tariffs guarantee that you can pay the cost off and get free electricity,’ he added.

‘Choosing Solar Electricity’ will show readers how to assess their solar resource, choose a good installer and get the most out of their PV systems.

It is said to cut through the jargon, helping readers to understand the ins and outs of electricity production and what solar technology can do.

The solar book will include details of the new feed-in tariffs.

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