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Delta Energy Systems has launched its Solivia brand of solar inverters, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Solivia product line is comprised of five inverters with a nominal output power ranging from 2-5kW.

The models Solivia 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.3 and 5.0 EU G3 are suitable for all commonly used solar modules – also for thin-film and rear-side contact PV modules – as manufacturers require the PV generator to be grounded at the positive or negative pole.

From May 2010, the solar inverter SI product line will be substituted with the Solivia third-generation European models from Delta.

The solar inverters are designed for use in eight countries (DE, FR, ES, IT, PT, GR, CZ, BE) and each unit is configurable via the display for the respective country.

The efficiency and temperature ranges have been improved; the models Solivia 2.5, Solivia 3.0 and Solivia 3.3 have a maximum efficiency of 96 per cent and operate with a maximum output power up to 57C.

This ensures high yields even for installations in warmer climates, according to Delta.

Efficient and reliable with intelligent MPP tracking, the solar inverters get maximum performance from solar modules under all operating conditions.

Additionally, these models have an integrated DC disconnector that leads to reduced installation efforts and expense.

Usability is improved due to the new display, which is brighter, offers a wider viewing angle and consumes less power.

All solar inverters have a lightweight, compact design and are easy to install by using the provided mounting bracket.

Wires and cables are connected externally without any need to open the enclosure.

Since the IP65 casing is dust-tight, safe to touch and protected against jet water from any direction, the models are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The inverters are compatible with the monitoring products from Meteocontrol that allows the user to monitor and to record all the different measurement values.

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