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Oriel, a Newport Brand, now offers the Sol3A range of Class AAA solar simulator products for demanding photovoltaic (PV) applications.

The company offers a 12 in x 12in (300 x 300mm) output beam.

These constant-wave (CW) sources use a xenon lamp and feature a highly stable spectral-correction filter and optical design to meet Class A performance qualifications, including spectral match, non-uniformity of irradiance and temporal instability for all three standards (IEC, JIS and ASTM).

The 12 x 12in beam output is a new addition to Oriel’s line of solar simulators (available in 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8in), offering maximum flexibility for PV test and measurement capabilities.

Class AAA performance makes the Sol3A range suitable for the most demanding photovoltaic applications that require a constant-wave light source.

Rigorously tested using industry-standard methods, Oriel’s Sol3A solar simulator features easy replacement of the 1600W xenon lamp and requires no special hard wiring to the electrical mains.

It offers a highly collimated output ideally suited for concentrator applications.

With the available (optional) partial Sun attenuator, the Sol3A 12 x 12 meets the performance criteria at the standard 1 Sun output power and allows for variable partial Sun settings.

Like all Sol3A products, the 12 x 12 model has a black non-reflective finish to minimise stray light and incorporates captive screws for all panels that require user access to facilitate lamp replacement, alignment and filter changes.

Temperature sensors and safety interlocks prevent inadvertent exposure to UV light, ensuring the safety of the operator.

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