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A ready-meals manufacturer is using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Solarsoft to modernise stock management, improve quality control and reduce materials shortages and waste.

Wrights Quality Foods is a manufacturer of ready meals, soups, sauces and chutneys and a subsidiary of the Wrights Pies Group.

Neville Carruthers, group operations director, said: ‘We previously had a manual system in place, which made the process for monitoring the actual quantities of stock we were using and handling across our production lines quite labour intensive.

‘After recent growth, this situation had become impossible to manage.

‘With the Tropos system [from Solarsoft] we now have a real-time picture of our materials consumption.

‘Our processes have become faster, more accurate and more efficient.

‘From a customer service point of view, the system allows us to provide better levels of service and quality by helping us to provide accurate forecasts as to when orders and deliveries can be made,’ he added.

As well as using Tropos to manage manufacturing operations, Wrights Quality Foods will extend the system to other parts of the business.

Tropos will give managers an up-to-date view of operations across the business by integrating areas from sales order management to purchasing, financial control to production management and from inventory management to final dispatch.

‘The Solarsoft system lets us see where there are variances in productivity and yield from factory to factory,’ said Carruthers.

‘We’ll be able to calculate exactly how much raw material is needed for each order, how much it will cost and how much production we should expect from the ingredients available.

‘The Solarsoft ERP system ensures complete control of our day-to-day manufacturing operations,’ he added.

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