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Coventry Plumbing and Heating Supplies has implemented Solarsoft Dashboards software to provide greater visibility of stock across its three depots in Canley, Coventry and Nuneaton.

Using Solarsoft Dashboards, the family-run business can now quickly and easily monitor stock levels in real time, enabling the business to offer the best prices possible to its customers and stay competitive within the market.

Prior to the implementation of Solarsoft Dashboards, Coventry Plumbing and Heating Supplies lacked access to meaningful information about key facts and trends within the business.

It needed a KPI reporting solution that could provide an accurate picture of business performance across all three of its depots, including sales and stock analysis, supplier price and delivery performance, and credit and cash-flow forecasts.

Andy Harris, project manager at the plumbers merchant said: ‘Solarsoft Dashboards brings clarity and precision to management decision-making, enabling us to monitor stock levels far more effectively across all three of our depots.

‘We can also identify trends in customer spending and adjust our stock levels accordingly to ensure we can always meet our customers’ needs.

‘Previously we weren’t using reports to manage our stock, which meant we were losing sales with no understanding as to why.

‘However, now we are able to properly review and analyse the data and use the results to better enhance the quality of service we provide to our customers.

‘By using Solarsoft Dashboards we are able to quickly and easily identify what stock isn’t selling and then investigate the reasons behind this to see whether it is price, seasonal demand or if there is a “greener” alternative that people prefer to buy.

‘We are now able to identify the best selling product lines, and also recognise why certain products aren’t selling well, giving us a competitive edge.

‘The Solarsoft Dashboards software also allows us to predict upcoming trends and seasonal peaks and troughs for products, so we can ensure that we only buy the correct amount of stock at the right time, preventing us from losing money by storing large quantities of unwanted stock,’ he added.

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