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Solarsoft has announced the latest release of its Tropos ERP system for medium-sized process-oriented manufacturing businesses.

The new ERP version provides an enhanced shop-floor data-capture (SFDC) functionality, which can work throughout the entire manufacturing process, from initial goods receipt through to customer despatch.

Running on industry-standard servers and using a modern web-based user interface, Tropos SFDC allows business-critical information to be pushed quickly and easily to shop-floor users, while also showing relevant supporting information, such as material inventory levels through stock enquiries.

Tropos SFDC users throughout the organisation, and potentially across the supply chain, will benefit from the up-to-date visibility of accurate stock levels and order progress, while the ability to record data on the shop floor can open up opportunities for capturing additional information, such as downtime and labour/machine times, according to the company.

Andy Brown, managing director of Solarsoft’s Process Manufacturing division, said: ‘On the shop floor, paperwork can be reduced through the use of online, continually updated work to lists, along with the removal of handwritten log sheets.

‘Furthermore, efficiency and data accuracy are improved through data being recorded just once, entered data being validated immediately and keying errors being eliminated where barcodes or RFID [radio-frequency-identification] tags are scanned.

‘Thanks to the provision of accurate and up-to-date information, senior management can be more confident and proactive in their decision making.

‘Additionally, an unprecedented level of visibility can be provided, not only of what is happening currently in terms of line status, breakdown and throughput, but also of production performance over longer periods,’ he added.

Solarsoft has developed two SFDC applications: Tropos Mobile and Tropos Touch-Screen Data Capture.

Tropos Mobile is designed to run on touch-screen devices such as handheld PCs or truck-mounted terminals, with screens resizing automatically to fit to the device’s screen size.

Software is deployed on a server rather than on individual devices, reducing the cost of ownership.

The Tropos Touch-Screen Data Capture application provides shop-floor users with information about what needs to be made, as well as screens that enable order progress to be recorded as it happens.

The application is designed to run on touch-screen PCs, which are usually deployed without a keyboard, but frequently with a tethered or wireless barcode scanner.

Both devices are designed to require minimal input, with scanning from barcodes or RFID tags and selection from drop-down lists being used wherever possible.

Solarsoft is able to provide a complete SFDC solution to process manufacturers, which includes hardware, software, infrastructure, implementation services and round-the-clock post-implementation support.

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