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Solder Connection has announced the availability of Alpha Tetrabond, a frameless stencil foil from Cookson Electronics.

Alpha Tetrabond uses a proprietary process to direct bond the stencil foil to a thin, safe, and easy-to-handle round-cornered sub-frame, ready for loading in any existing Tetra, Vector or Vectorguard frame.

Direct bonding removes the need to pre-form an engagement mechanism in the foil and ensures the tensioning pressures are applied and distributed evenly from all four sides of the mounting frame.

Engineered from a single piece of anodised extrusion, the sub-frame has enhanced rigidity, making handling, mounting and demounting easier and making the foil less susceptible to accidental stretching.

The rounded corners and profile remove health and safety concerns.

The sub-frames are black anodised; for those wanting to identify lead-free stencils, a green anodised option is available.

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