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Two traditional soldering fluxes, Fluxite Paste and Baker’s No 3 Soldering Fluid, are now being supplied and manufactured under license by the Solder Connection.

Baker’s No 3 Soldering Fluid is available in 125ml, 250ml and 10l packs.

It is a water-based fluid that is suitable for soldering copper, brass, bronze and pre-tinned materials.

It is easy to apply by brush, spray or immersion and post-soldering residues can be removed using water.

Fluxite is a flux paste that is suitable for soldering and lead jointing.

A traditional grease-based active flux, it is suitable for use on most common metals, except aluminium and stainless steel.

Available in 100g and 450g sizes, Fluxite complies with Water Research Council requirements, is listed in the UK Water Fittings and Material Directory and is approved by British Gas.

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