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Techsil is offering soldering and desoldering supplies. Providing specialist materials for electronic design, manufacture and development.

The products covered by this new category include: solder flux; solder paste; tip tinner; flux removers; and desoldering braids. These have been developed by MG Chemicals, a manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry.

Solder paste
The MG Chemicals solder pastes were designed to provide a superior connection between surface-mounted components and the copper traces of a printed circuit board. They are suitable for printed circuit board assembly and repair, with lead-free, leaded, non-conductive and non-corrosive versions available.

The MG Chemicals solder fluxes have been formulated to provide high-tack force, superior wetting and high soldering performance levels, developed for use with high temperature lead-free chemistries or lower temperature conventional leaded alloys. These fluxes meet the changing requirements of soldering operations and provide effective adhesion to copper and other substrates.

Desoldering braids
MG Chemicals desoldering braids (wick) are made of clean, oxide-free copper wire and tight weave. They are specially designed to ease the replacement of electronic components and remove the extra solder without damaging the board or components. These ‘superwicks’ are suitable for rework and repair of printed circuit boards and are available in lead-free of no clean forms and a wide variety of lengths and widths.

Flux removers
MG Chemicals has developed a special blend of chemicals to create its Flux Remover for PC boards; it is safe on plastics and used in the electronics industry to remove rosin, non-rosin and no-clean fluxes. It is RoHS complaint with moderate evaporation, low odour and leaves no residue. Suitable for maintenance and repair operations, prototyping and small production runs.


Distributors of a vast array of industrial Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes, Casting Resins and Dispensing equipment, serving a wide range of manufacturing industries including Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, LED Lighting, Product Assembly, Rapid Prototyping and Packaging. Techsil® are authorised distributors for Momentive’s adhesive sealants. A particular strength is our in depth knowledge of technical adhesive and sealant applications in real production environments and we pride ourselves in providing the best customer care and service.

Techsil® was set up in 1989 and with our commitment to quality, technical excellence and reliability we have evolved into one of the most trusted Adhesives and Sealants suppliers around. We are global distributors of a vast array of industrial Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes and Dispensing equipment, serving a wide range of manufacturing industries including Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, LED Lighting, Product Assembly and Packaging to name just a few.

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Through good partnerships with our suppliers, we are able to offer a complete range of solutions to include well-established product ranges and new, technologically advanced materials. We are authorised distributors for Momentive Performance Materials, ThreeBond, MG Chemicals, BJB, ITW Devcon, Power Adhesives, FastFixers, ITW Stokvis Tapes, VELCRO®, Araldite®, ChemTrend, Panacol and Hönle and we also have a growing range of Techsil’s own brand products.

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