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Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems and soldering system manufacturer Seho Systems have developed the Seho Dual Reflow Oven.

The Seho Dual Reflow Oven carries forward the dual-lane concept of Siplace placement and is the first oven to feature separately adjustable temperatures for each lane.

It allows users to make two products with different soldering requirements, side-by-side from the placement to the reflow process.

Siplace is offering a range of manufacturing products to allow the users to take advantage of this oven, including intelligent concepts for populating two-sided boards or side-by-side processing boards.

These options are being implemented by various options, such as flexible dual-lane transport or the Siplace Productivity Lane, which lets users implement the best available setup, placement and production strategy for any product mix.

Previously these options were restricted to the placement segment in the SMT line.

By working closely together, Siplace and Seho are extending this flexibility to the soldering section of the production line.

When the PCBs come from the SMT line’s placement section, they enter the Seho Dual Reflow Oven in two parallel lanes.

The soldering system features two vertically separate and independent heating areas, with 18 separately adjustable heating areas each for maximum temperature profile flexibility.

The thermal separation between the two lanes and heating sections, with differences of up to 50 Kelvin, delivers maximum flexibility for soldering products with different placement densities and component spectrums, as well as lead-free and conventional PCBs side-by-side.

Thanks to the technology partnership between Siplace and Seho, it will be the first integrated manufacturing solution on which two different processes and products can be run consistently and in parallel on a single line.

Siemens A and D Electronics Assembly Systems

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