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The Micro Latching solenoid valve, manufactured by RPE SRL and available from Beta Valve, offers automatic tap designers a compact cartridge valve that provides on/off water control.

The 6V DC solenoid is rated at just 200mA for 20ms during each operation, making it suitable for battery operation in the field.

With an overall height of 43mm and diameter of 25mm, this valve is mounted using a M24 x 1.5 thread.

Capable of handling operating pressures up to eight bar, the valve is designed to be supplied through the central 10mm inlet situated at the base.

The valve outlet sends water flow through a 360deg outlet aperture.

Unlike older Micro valve designs, the outlet is at 90deg to the valves water inlet making it easier to incorporate the valve into a compact tap body design.

The valve operates using the servo valve principle and incorporates a self-cleaning feature in the pilot orifice.

To prevent seal damage in service due to particles in the water supply, a gauze filter is situated at the inlet, which is removable to aid servicing.

Where a filter is included in the inlet to the tap body, the valve may be supplied without the filter.

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