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IFM has introduced a guided-wave level probe for oil or water that is said to detect more fluids and ignore residues of foam or sticky material that might build up on the probe and give a false level.

The solid-state principle avoids mechanical issues with floats that stick.

The three new versions of the sensor can be used in aqueous media, coolants and cleaning solutions or oils, making them suitable for the continuous level monitoring of almost all liquids.

IFM offers the Efector GWR with two or four switching outputs, or with switching and analogue output.

The modular sensor system consists of the sensing head, the probe and, optionally, the coaxial tube.

Microwave pulses are transmitted by the sensor head and guided along the probe.

If the microwave pulse hits the medium, it is reflected and evaluated by the sensor.

The sensor is installed in the tank using a process connection or flange.

The user can shorten the probes and adapt them individually between 100 and 1,600mm.

The coaxial tube is required for the unit to function correctly in low dielectric media.

Setting is done via a simple parameter menu and an electronic lock is fitted to prevent tampering.

The four-digit alphanumeric display permanently shows the current level.

The LR series gwr level sensors operate on a 18 to 30V DC supply using industry-standard M12 connectors.

The IP rating of 67 means that they will not be affected by spillage in the tank area.

ifm electronic specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications.

Products include flow sensors; pressure transmitters and switches; temperature switches and transmitters; capacitive, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors; and a full range of AS-i I/O modules and masters.

Details of ifm electronic's products and services may be obtained from our website, which has been carefully designed to provide the fastest, easiest way of finding exactly the right sensor for almost any application. Better still, once the correct sensor has been identified, the site also allows the data sheet to be downloaded almost instantly and, for most sensors, it even provides an interactive animated guide to achieving optimum adjustment.

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