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Solidat and one of its local partners have won a bid to monitor sewers in the Israeli municipalities of Holon, Netanya and Raanana.

Several dozen Smartscan 50 ultrasonic level sensors will monitor the sewer level and provide combined sewer-overflow alerts.

Smartscan 50 level sensors provide 24/7 control and monitoring and direct online access to the sewage flow underground.

Prediction of overflow allows the officials to act before and not after the damage is inflicted.

The sensors predict irregular activity such as overstressed pipes and blockages, which allows preventive maintenance, which is always cheaper than dealing with unexpected disasters.

They detect the exact location of the problem, saving time and money.

They reduce maintenance, manpower, energy resources and damage control.

They provide accurate data on the quantity of sewage running through the system, which allows the municipality to: plan future needs; charge purification plants according to accurate rather than calculated data; monitor and charge effluent coming out of industrial buildings such as factories and hospitals; and monitor pumping stations, water reservoirs and pumps.

Solidat offers a battery-operated ultrasonic sensor – the Gauger – which comes with an integrated GSM modem for SMS messaging communication.

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