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SolidAT ultrasonic level sensors have been deployed as part of an early-warning water-level solution in Munster, Indiana, USA.

The overall solution, including cellular-based reports and control room software, was provided by Ommyx, the SolidAT US partner.

The Ommyx solution offers town officials the ability to check the river level via a website.

Alerts are disseminated when the river reaches a warning level or a critical level.

The SolidAT Smartscan50 ultrasonic level sensor was selected for the project.

Smartscan50 is a stable level sensor with a 12m range and is fit for outdoor operations.

It is a two-part system, allowing separation between the transducer and the control unit.

Compact transducers were installed on bridges above the river.

Control units were located up to 100m away from the bridge at a sheltered location together with the Ommyx GSM transmitter and power supply.

Smartscan50 supports digital communication (Modbus RTU) for communicating with the GSM transmitter.

A new feature of Smartscan50 provides alerts when specific conditions exist, such as a rapid change in the target level.

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