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At Euromold 2013, SolidCAM will present Imachining 3D, which has recently been enhanced, as well as its HSM module and simultaneous five-axis modules, which are said to provide a suitable combination for mould and insert machining.

Imachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready-to-run CNC program. According to the company, it generates optimal cutting conditions to rough, rest-rough and semi-finish a complete 3D part, with True Scallop on all slopes, all in a single operation.

Visitors will also be able to see the HSM module, which is claimed to provide the optimum 3D finish toolpath for any mould or insert part, as well as the advances that have been made in the company’s simultaneous five-axis strategies.

These advances include excellent control over all aspects of toolpath and collision checking, combined with a friendly user interface. Other enhancements include the addition of the multi-axis drill, the ‘Contour 5 axis’ and improvements to the ‘Convert HSM to Sim 5 Axis’ strategy.

SolidCAM will be exhibiting at Euromold 2013 from 3–6 December at Frankfurt/Main Exhibition Center in Hall 8, Booth J134.

Key features and benefits

Imachining 3D

  • Imachining 3D produces a complete, ready-to-run CNC program
  • It generates optimal cutting conditions
  • Toolpath is automatically adjusted to avoid collisions between the holder and the updated stock at every stage
  • It is claimed to regularly provide 70 per cent savings in machining time, often reaching up to 90 per cent, compared with other CAM systems

HSM module

  • This module provides the optimum 3D finish toolpath for any mould or insert part
  • It results in an efficient and smooth toolpath, translating to the best possible surface quality
  • It avoids sharp angles in the toolpath, ensuring that the tool stays in contact with the part as much as possible
  • The module optimises non-machining moves to reduce air cutting and generate smooth and tangential lead in/out trajectories

Simultaneous five-axis strategies

  • Advanced control over all aspects of toolpath and collision checking is ensured
  • In Contour 5 axis, the tool follows the selected 3D curve, staying parallel to predefined tilting lines; this is said to be ideal for chamfering and pencil machining of complex contours with undercuts
  • ‘Convert HSM to Sim 5 Axis’ strategy enables conversion of 3D HSM toolpaths to full five-axis toolpaths
  • Five-axis machining results in better surface quality by using different tool tilting strategies and short tools

Founded in 1984 by its managing director Dr Emil Somekh, SolidCAM provides manufacturing customers with a full powerful suite of CAM software modules for 2.5D milling, 3D milling, high-speed machining, multi-sided indexial four/five axes milling, simultaneous five axes milling, turning, turn-mill up to seven axes and WireEDM.

SolidCAM is the leader in integrated CAM and provides the highest level of CAD integration, with seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. The integration ensures the automatic update of tool paths for CAD revisions. SolidCAM powers up the user’s CAD system into the best integrated CAD/CAM solution. SolidCAM has today more than 15,000 seats installed. The company has been on a very rapid growth path since it implemented its CAD integration strategy. SolidCAM is sold by a worldwide reseller network in 50 countries.

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