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SolidCMM UK has been selected to promote and support PAS-CMM software in the UK and Ireland.

For the past couple of years, PAS-CMM has been marketed in Israel and the US.

The software automatically generates DMI code from a Step (CAD) file, which can be imported into most leading CMM manufacturer’s software such as: PCDMIS, Camio and OpenDMIS.

The software generates a file that can be converted into a fully collision detected CNC CMM program.

This is generated off line (remote of the CMM) into the native language.

As the process is automated, the software can produce the DMI file in a fraction of the time it takes a CMM programmer to generate a similar part program.

This means that it can be up to 90 per cent more efficient.

Even with the use of off-line programming software, such as PCDMIS or Camio, the software is said to be up to 40 per cent more efficient.

This results in: reliable programming; increased availability of the CMM for inspection; programs that can be produced in advance of the component arriving at inspection; and reduced CMM bottlenecks.

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