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Easilift Loading Systems designed the loading bay for Tesco’s flagship distribution centre using its 3D modelling CAD software, which could map out loading-bay operations in a virtual environment.

Easilift Loading Systems designed a loading bay for Tesco’s Grocery Distribution Centre — an 800,000 sq ft facility in Daventry.

They worked alongside Tesco’s architects and main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick to produce a bespoke design that took into account challenges such as the need for an increased ratio of bays to floorspace compared to a standard distribution centre.

Easilift solved this problem through an arrangement of paired scissor lift dock pods across a central walkway. Dock leveller pods were resized to match the height of the scissor lift pods.

The company used its ’Solidworks’ 3D modelling CAD software to map out the loading bay operations in a virtual environment and analyse the real-world parameters of the site, so that it could determine the size, shape, characteristics and behaviour of the finished distribution centre.

Key benefits of product application

  • By constructing the double-deck bays in pairs, Easilift created a tandem pod around a single walkway to provide safer access for operators.
  • The Solidworks software also helped to verify stress calculations on the dock pad, such as those caused by vehicles catching the loading bay’s front bumper.
  • A 30 per cent in the dock leveller pod table width allowed more room for the central walkway and an increase in the amount of units per vehicle that each pod can accept.
  • Lifts were placed in external modular pods and partially preassembled prior to delivery, thereby cutting down on installation time.
  • The knowledge from the 3D modelling system enabled a method of cladding installation to be used, which requires less cutting and reduces waste.

Easilift Loading Systems

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