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Shepherd’s High Torque Output (HTO) axial diesel engine, designed using Solidworks 3D CAD/CAM software, quadruples the torque of a traditional crankshaft engine while consuming half the fuel.

Said to be more powerful and environmentally friendly, as well as cheaper to build and run, it has fewer parts than a traditional diesel engine, no intricate castings or complicated machining and can be assembled by hand.

Its low operational rev range also means fewer combustion events occur when the engine is idling or running under a normal load.

Solidworks has saved Shepherd costs by allowing the company to quickly and accurately design the parts required for the engine.

In the coming months the company hopes to use Solidworks’ simulation functionality to determine whether the parts it are using will be able to withstand the forces of the torque produced from the engine.

The HTO engine can be used in all types of cars, trucks, heavy earthmoving equipment and, if it is scaled up, in the aerospace and marine industries.

It also has applications in power generation as its high torque means it can cope with increased demands on the power supply.

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