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Innova Systems has announced that its SolidWorks design and engineering package was used in the development of squeezable bottles used for Marmite and Colman’s Mustard.

SolidWorks helps designers create 3D models in a virtual environment and is also capable of assembling and testing the design in this virtual environment.

SolidWorks’ ability to shell a bottle body with differing wall thicknesses allowed a 1mm front and back, thickening to 2mm at the sides.

The company said that it was essential that the bottle had good ‘suck-back’, to draw the Marmite yeast extract cleanly back into the body of the bottle, leaving the nozzle clean while consistently returning the bottle to its original shape after use.

SolidWorks gave the ability to work out and then generate label outlines before any prototype bottles had been generated, including the tamper seal that runs over the cap.

Innova Systems

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