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Eastern Power has used Solidworks software to design an efficient energy plant featuring what is said to be the cleanest, most efficient way to produce energy from fossil fuel.

The Greenfield South Power Plant, under construction in the city of Mississauga in Southern Ontario, will supply power to greater Toronto.

The 280MW facility is a combined-cycle natural-gas plant that nets extra efficiency by using a steam turbine to convert waste heat from combustion into additional energy.

Eastern Power chose Solidworks CAD software to introduce 3D design into its development process.

Orlando Linero, plant designer for Eastern Power, said: ‘Solidworks is the only solution with integrated design, piping, structural, simulation and documentation capabilities.’ ‘We can see, analyse and document every design detail right in the 3D model, and easily coordinate design activities for a complex project without translating data to other tools.’ Using Solidworks, Eastern Power compressed design cycles by 50 per cent and cut development costs by 60 per cent, Linero estimates.

Eastern Power is discovering the value of Solidworks software for designing the machinery and equipment inside a plant, and the plant itself.

In addition to designing the structure and the equipment inside, teams are using Solidworks to lay out the equipment, connect it, generate documentation and produce detailed construction/manufacturing drawings.

They can also simulate stresses, fluid flows and thermal dynamics.

10 engineering organisations that use Solidworks software have come together to form a Solidworks Plant Design Advisory Board, to share best practices on plant design and help guide Solidworks product direction.

At an initial meeting in October 2009, the panel explored modular design approaches that involve designing standardised, ready-made systems into their projects.

At Solidworks World 2010, the board will meet two Solidworks Solution Partners that have announced structural-steel design products fully integrated with Solidworks software, AMV and Solidace.

Solidworks World 2010 will also offer several breakout sessions for attendees interested in learning more about Solidworks’ role in plant design, including: enhancing plant design using Solidworks and design-automation tools; plant design using Solidworks, together with solution partner products and other standard industry tools; plant design at Infilco Degremount using Solidworks: a case study; and leveraging the power of Solidworks and weldments for plant design.

SolidWorks, a Dassault Systemes SA brand, is a world leader in 3D solutions.

SolidWorks develops and markets software for design, simulation, product data management and product documentation. It is the leading supplier of 3D CAD technology, giving teams intuitive, high-performing software that helps them design better products.

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