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Lawson Industries is using Solidworks 3D CAD software and Solidworks Simulation software to design its Hurricane Guard product line.

In Florida and other hurricane zones, door- and window-manufacturers must submit sealed drawings, stress calculations and lab reports to local agencies before selling a new product.

Solidworks 3D CAD software automatically generates drawings while improving design speed, automation, accuracy and problem-solving.

Thomas Sotos, engineering manager for Lawson Industries, said: ‘Once the parametric product models are set up, we simply type in two numbers, length and width, and Solidworks does the rest of the work with its parametric evaluation of the model equations and configuration tables.

‘The program develops a new set of drawings instantly, cuts sheets for the factory floor, raw material quantities for cost calculations, and visuals the marketing folks love.’ The software has reduced errors by 75 per cent, enabling engineers to see and correct errors early in the design process.

Solidworks’ 3D capabilities have cleared the way to new products, such as a three-point door lock mechanism, previously too difficult to design.

Sotos added: ‘Solidworks stress analysis software predicts what happens in the lab, so now we do one lab test for confirmation instead of four tests for trial and error, saving about USD15,000 on each product.’

SolidWorks, a Dassault Systemes SA brand, is a world leader in 3D solutions.

SolidWorks develops and markets software for design, simulation, product data management and product documentation. It is the leading supplier of 3D CAD technology, giving teams intuitive, high-performing software that helps them design better products.

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More than 1,959,300 product designers and engineers worldwide, representing 169,200 organisations, use SolidWorks to bring their designs to life — from the coolest gadgets to innovations that deliver a better tomorrow.

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