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Dassault Systemes Solidworks has announced that the Rocket City Space Pioneers (RCSP) will use Solidworks software to validate designs for a lunar lander system.

The Google Lunar X Prize competition challenges engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods for robotic space exploration.

To win the prize, a Huntsville, Alabama, team featuring leaders in the spaceflight and educational fields is currently developing a low-cost lunar lander/rover system to send to the moon by 2014, which will be able to travel 500m and transmit video images and data back to the Earth.

Led by Dynetics, the team comprising Teledyne Brown Engineering, Andrews Space, Spaceflight Services, Draper Laboratory, the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the Von Braun Center for Science and Innovation (VCSI) plans to be the first privately funded team to get to the moon.

Using Solidworks CAD and Solidworks Simulation software, RCSP will be able to quickly validate its designs for the lunar lander system, which will be capable of making a soft landing on a planetary body and deploying the rover.

Solidworks will allow RCSP to test its designs to ensure that the lander and rover stay within the specified dimensions and weight, while minimising costs.

With Solidworks Simulation, RCSP can subject its designs to the same airflow, stress and thermal conditions that the system will experience while in orbit.

RCSP is also using Solidworks Enterprise PDM software for configuration management to ensure complete control over all design information across its diverse team.

‘Our design software solutions will provide RCSP with the necessary tools to test their ideas, share design information across seven partners and ultimately deliver proven designs for their mission,’ said Christine Washburn, vice-president of marketing, DS Solidworks.

The data from this contract will be used to develop future lander vehicles and exploration systems.

RCSP recently delivered the System Definition Review (SDR) package to Nasa, which contains the mission concept of operations, integrated vehicle design, engineering analysis and technical data package on the subsystems.

It provides the details of the RCSP’s system-level design as it relates to the overall mission.

The system-level design ensures the readiness of the project to move to the implementation phase.

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