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Sontek/YSI has launched a multi-frequency acoustic doppler profiler for the water monitoring industry: the Riversurveyor S5 and M9.

Built to collect data in the most extreme flood and drought conditions, the Riversurveyor S5 and M9 are used to collect velocity profiles, depth, and discharge data in canals, rivers and streams.

It combines three instruments in one, saving customers thousands of pounds in equipment, personnel and time.

Multiple acoustic frequencies with precise bandwidth control allow continuous shallow-to-deep channel measurements.

Technologies such as Bluetooth, spread spectrum radio, and RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS are incorporated to elevate performance and expand utility.

With a push of a button on a mobile device, or from the convenience of a nearby laptop, the Riversurveyor offers fast pinging and data processing.

Features include: continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements; designed for extreme flood or drought conditions; vertical beam for bathymetry; built-in software processing package Riversurveyor Live; instant data to a mobile device; automated cell size; bottom tracking.


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