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Two series of component part leveller/straighteners from Soprem Automation are now available from Shear-Form Machine Tools.

These Schubert and Soprem design leveller/straighteners are designed to correct any deviations in flatness caused by inner material tensions, which can occur during punching, laser- or plasma-cutting, hardening, nibbling, shearing and coating of steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bimetallic and special alloys.

They are ideal for use in industries making building industry components, electro-technical parts, mechanical and automotive components, perforated parts, drop wires as well as sawing and cutting tools.

The Schubert leveller/straighteners use drive and control technology and are available with either 19 x 6mm diameter leveller rolls to straighten material thickness from 0.5-1mm and up to 23 x 45mm diameter leveller rolls for material thicknesses from 0.5-8mm.

Both models can handle parts from 5-630mm wide and up to 2m long.

Features of the Schubert design include motor-driven or hand-operated worm-gear positioning of the straightening rolls, speed-controlled drives, minimised roller axes.

Bending of the straightening rolls is minimised using support rolls and, as an option, each roll support of the lower part of the straightener can be designed as height-adjustable, resulting in bending of the rolls to eliminate part inner waving.

The Soprem low-cost leveller/straighteners are hydraulically powered to save energy with reduced mechanical parts deterioration for a longer working life.

They have 19 x 12mm up to 19 x 35mm diameter leveller rolls to straighten material thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 4mm and parts from 5mm up to 450mm wide in lengths up to 2m.

Features of this leveller/straightener include motorised or hand-operated longitudinal inclination of the roller bed to help overcome material ductility.

Both the Schubert and Soprem design leveller/straighteners are available with automatic part feed and part ejection as an option.

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