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NSK’s Spacea SJ series of high-temperature bearings are designed for use in kilns, kiln cars, steel plants, vacuum vapour deposition equipment and high-temperature conveyancing equipment.

The SJ bearings employ a solid MoS2 lubricant to provide high levels of performance in normal atmospheric, high-temperature and vacuum environments at temperatures up to 400C.

They are manufactured from stainless steel and employ a patented ‘peapod’ structure that provides excellent torque stability and long life.

According to the company, the patented design of the SJ series bearings offers more than six times the durability of conventional bearings with solid lubricant paste and also outperforms other solid lubricants in high-temperature vacuum environments up to 10-8Pa – its solid spacer joints exhibiting minimal outgassing, thus easing pollution concerns.

The SJ design integrates a special cage pocket containing a solid lubricant spacer joint positioned between two specially treated balls.

This arrangement overcomes the problems of high-temperature environments, as encountered in kilns, vacuum deposition equipment and heat-treatment conveyors, with the added benefits of extended maintenance-free performance and a longer operating life.

The longer-life performance of the SJ bearings is achieved via the steady supply of lubricant – a sintered molybdenum disulphide material, provided by the spacer joint.

This ensures increased durability in high-temperature atmospheric conditions.

Also said to be key to the performance of the SJ bearings’ performance is a materials specification that includes martensitic stainless steel for bearing inner and outer rings and balls (the latter can also be ceramic for added durability) and austenitic stainless steel for the special pressed cages used in the bearings.

In addition, the bearings can be protected against the ingress of contaminants with shields manufactured from austenitic steel.

The balls used in the SJ series are one element in a two-part synergy designed to ensure excellent torque stability bearings over extended operating periods.

They are coated with the same molybdenum disulphide material used for the spacer joints.

This results in a symbiosis, in which both balls and spacer combine to achieve torque stability exceeding that of conventional silver-coated bearings, even under demanding vacuum conditions, according to the company.

The SJ bearings are part of NSK’s Spacea series, a range of bearings and lubricants that provides high performance and reliability under all types of demanding operating conditions: super clean, vacuum, non-magnetic, corrosive, high/low temperature, nuclear and high speed.

Spacea series bearings meet a range of technical requirements, with a programme of high-performance materials, surface finishes and specially developed lubricants, including solid types.

Depending on the application, Spacea bearings can be manufactured from martensitic and austenitic stainless steels for corrosive environments, ceramics or a combination of both.

Hybrid Spacea types can have any combination of ceramic inner/outer rings or balls.

However, the range also includes all-ceramic bearings for use in highly corrosive and high-temperature environments.


NSK, a global leader in motion and control products, has developed and continuously upgrades four core technologies: tribology, material engineering, analysis technology and mechatronics, to provide the platform for the company’s innovative product developments. This technology platform provides the basis for the design of NSK’s rolling bearings, automotive components and precision parts. In addition, by integrating these advanced technologies, NSK is able to respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements across all key sectors.

NSK is a driver of new technology developments, with a full line-up of products spanning general industrial, automotive and precision parts industries. These include bearings for mechanical and electrical machinery, IT and aftermarket; innovative automotive products such as electric power steering (EPS) automatic transmission components, steering columns and other steering related products; and precision linear motion components such as linear guides, ballscrews, X-Y tables, mechatronic products and Megatorque motors.

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