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Spartanics has launched the 2010 edition of its technical guide, entitled ‘How to Match Today’s Laser Cutting Technology to Application Requirements’.

The expanded edition includes reports on laser die cutting technology improvements and enables readers to make a more informed assessment on how laser die cutters can be used to replace or augment rotary die cutters and other tool-based cutting technology.

Part One of the guide includes chapters on: Preface – Recap of Speed Benchmarks, Growing Roster of Applications Using Laser Technology, Sheet vs.

Roll vs.

Hybrid Design Considerations; Choosing Between Laser Cutting vs.

Tool-Based Die Cutting Systems; Quality and the Soft Marking Standard; and Cutting Speed vs.

Web Speed.

Part Two of the guide includes: Fallacy of the Double Scan Head Advantages; Systems Integration, User-Friendliness and Production Output; Selecting System Components; and Suggested Method for Sourcing Laser Cutting Technology.

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