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Victrex Aptiv films are contributing to the acoustic performance of Blumenhofer Acoustics’ speakers.

Blumenhofer Acoustics’ builds high-end hi-fi speaker boxes.

Working from its design centre in Augsburg Park, Germany, Blumenhofer’s small, dedicated team is focused on hand crafting speakers that produce the most natural sound.

Blumenhofer is committed to continually improving the performance and acoustic quality of its speakers.

It carefully selects and tests the highest quality materials and components available from traditional materials, such as the wood used for the cabinets, to new high technology components such as Audio Technology Engineering’s (ATE) P2C speaker cones, which are produced using a highly engineered composite structure made with Victrex Aptiv film.

Aptiv is a high performing thermoplastic film that is part of Victrex Polymer’s portfolio of materials based on Victrex Peek polymer.

The materials are used across a range of applications in markets such as transport, industrial, electronics and medical.

Blumenhofer is a low-volume/high-quality manufacturer that is still developing and producing high-end speakers in the traditional way, with the highest attention to the natural sound.

It has invested more than 30 years in the research and development of speakers and crossovers.

By drawing on its knowledge of acoustics, technical capabilities and the craftsmanship of its team, Blumenhofer develops hi-fi speakers that are recognised worldwide.

Each set of speaker cabinets can be customised to suit specific requirements.

For example, the veneers and the surface furniture can be chosen by the customer.

‘We thoroughly tested ATE’s T180 P2C driver and were very impressed with its extremely precise and natural sound even at the highest power levels,’ said Thomas Blumenhofer, founder and owner of Blumenhofer Acoustics.

‘The P2C speaker cone also exhibited a very linear frequency curve, especially when approaching the higher frequency range,’ he added.

Blumenhofer will deploy the ATE P2C design in the mid-range/bass speakers of its Satellite series and its two-way Fun series.

The company was able to integrate ATE’s P2C speaker cone structure into its tweeter systems as there are no break-up modes.

The P2C has been embraced by the speaker industry and is seen as an excellent technology solution for cones in all types of speakers.

Blumenhofer’s adoption of the P2C, laminated with Aptiv black film, validates Victrex’s strategy to invest in new applications and growth areas.

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