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APP has released the SPEC Pak (Sealed Power For Environmental Connections) connector series for use wherever a rugged or waterproof high-power signal and ground interconnect solution is required.

The seal on the SPEC Pak connector shell is rated as IP 68, protecting the Powerpole contacts and housings enclosed with the shell from dust and water.

The customer-configured SPEC Pak connectors are ideal for use in mass transportation, off-road vehicles, factory automation, oil and petro-chemical exploration, and solar and agricultural equipment applications.

The customer-configured SPEC Pak features a good size-to-power performance ratio, ease of assembly and a range of custom configurations for demanding applications.

The core technology within the SPEC Pak is the Powerpole, a reliable technology that accommodates wire ranging from #24 to #10 American Wire Gauge (AWG) or 0.25 to 4mm.

Housed within a finger-proof or standard housing, Powerpole contacts are capable of power, ground and signal.

Powerpole’s selection of standard and finger-proof housings meet UL1977, Section 10.2, and the colour-coded housings offer versatility for design flexibility.

The four-position SPEC Pak shell handles up to 25A when fully loaded with #10 AWG and the six-position SPEC Pak shell handles up to 45A.

The SPEC Pak panel-mount receptacle utilises an industry-standard panel cut-out, 26482/5015 shell (size 20) for the four-position and shell (size 24) for the six-position.

When Powerpoles are combined within the SPEC Pak, the result is a powerful environmental interconnect for use in a range of demanding applications.

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