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Tormach has launched a series of speciality jaw plates, including the Super Soft Jaws, V Block Jaw Plate and Pin Jaw Plate, which provide an expandable workholding system for the company’s 5in vice.

The company is also offering a 5in Jaw Plate Set, which includes Steel Step, Standard Aluminium, XL Aluminium, V-Block and Extra Tall Jaws, and comes packaged in a wooden case.

The Super Soft Jaws product, exclusive to Tormach, is a modular 5in Jaw Plate Kit for holding difficult shapes or delicate parts.

It is made of a reusable, re-mouldable plastic (similar to polycaprolactone), which is hard at room temperature but can be shaped and moulded to make a custom clamping surface when heated in hot water.

The Super Soft Jaws include 10oz plastic, aluminium jaws and sub-plates, studs and necessary hardware.

The V Block Jaw Plate is Rockwell 56C hardened steel with ground precision surfaces.

It has three vertical and two horizontal ‘V’ grooves (1/2in primary and 1/4in secondary) and fits all 5in Tormach vices.

The Pin Jaw Plate is Rockwell 56C hardened steel as well with ground precision surface and black oxide finish.

It includes 6mm pins (four each: 6-25, 6-30, and 6-50), has 37 pin locations and is counter bored for 12mm cap screws.

In addition, it fits all 5in Tormach vices.

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