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Ocean Optics has developed a light-shaping technique for its spectrometers that balances and smoothes the uneven spectral emission from UV-Vis light sources used for spectroscopy applications.

The company said that as a result, users can measure light more evenly across a broader spectral region and therefore improve signal-to-noise performance.

The technique is said to be especially useful for spectral absorbance applications where strong absorbing bands co-exist with bands of low signal in the unbalanced spectrum.

This low signal level limits the maximum measureable optical density.

Traditionally, the spiky spectral output of a lamp – in other words, distinguished by sharp and narrow peaks – of light sources used in spectroscopy is handled at the source itself.

But methods such as moving mechanical fixtures or optical filters at the light source can result in greater light loss and may be too expensive or impractical, especially when instrument-to-instrument uniformity is desired.

The proprietary Ocean Optics spectral shaping technique modifies the light internal to the spectrometer so that specific wavelengths or wavelength bands are selectively attenuated.

This makes it easier to optimise the spectrometer setup in concert with the light source.

The Ocean Optics OEM engineering team is now able to apply this novel spectral shaping technique to a variety of OEM applications.

This dedicated engineering group provides expert support to help OEM customers being products to market faster and better optimised to commercial requirements.

The team offers complete system design capability for OEMs from supply of fibre assemblies and light sources to sensor coatings and sample holders.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and can support both integrated system and sub-system manufacturing needs.

Ocean Optics – Inventor of Miniature Fibre Optic Spectrometers

Interpreting the interaction with light

Ocean Optics is a diversified electro-optics technology company and a global leader in solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter.

Worldwide sales and support

With locations in the United States, Europe and Asia, the company serves a wide range of markets and enabled diverse applications in medical and biological research, environmental monitoring, life science, science education, and process and quality control.

Our extensive product line

With the nearly 1,500 unique products in our portfolio, we are able to assist you with virtually any optical sensing need. Our line of products include spectrometers, optical sensors, metrology instrumentation, light sources, sampling accessories, fibres and probes.

Our OEM capabilities

Do you have a great idea for a commercial product that uses optics? Build on our success and bring your unique product to volume markets. Our specialised OEM engineering team will work closely together with your engineering team to ensure the best set-up for your demands.

Our success

Recognized as the inventor of miniature fibre optic spectroscopy, we’ve sold more than 150,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1989. As a result of the dramatic reduction in size and cost, applications once deemed too costly or impractical using conventional spectrometers were not only feasible, but practical. Nowadays our spectrometers can be found anywhere: on treetops in jungles, on oil rigs at sea, on rocket ships in space and even inside the human body.

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