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Rohde and Schwarz has introduced the RandS FSC spectrum analyser, said to be ideal for applications that require a high-quality basic instrument, such as simple development tasks and test systems.

The RandS FSC handles all basic functions such as RF spectrum measurement and power measurement.

With a frequency range starting at 9kHz and extending to a maximum of 6GHz, the analyser is ideal for applications including research and instruction, service and production.

The compact design and low power consumption of the analyser also make it suitable for use in small test systems and in vehicles.

The RandS FSC has a maximum sensitivity of

Its low level measurement uncertainty of

The RandS FSC covers a frequency range from 9kHz to either 3GHz or 6GHz.

It is an ideal instrument for users that need basic functions such as noise market, frequency counter, modulation depth measurement of AM modulated signals, or power measurement of pulsed signals.

In both frequency ranges, the RandS FSC is available with an internal tracking generator that provides additional functionality such as cable loss measurements and simple determination of the transmission characteristics of DUTs such as filters or amplifiers.

The 3HU, 1/2 19in RandS FSC analyser is suitable for installation in small and mobile test systems.

Depending on the application, one RandS FSC and one RandS SMC100A signal generator or two RandS FSC analysers can be mounted next to each other in a 19in rack.

The energy efficient spectrum analyser consumes only 12W.

Users benefit from the compact design and the high efficiency of the economical analyser.

It can be installed in vehicles to perform field measurements such as monitoring satellite communications links.

Using the RandS FSC is easy and straightforward – all frequently used functions can be quickly accessed via hardkeys or rotary knob.

The user interface is available in 11 languages.

Results can be managed, evaluated and documented with the RandS FSCview software supplied with the unit.

The RandS FSC is compatible with all other instruments in the Rohde and Schwarz spectrum analyser family.

It will also support the company’s RandS NRP power sensors in the near future.

The user can integrate this function into the RandS FSC with a firmware update, effectively eliminating the need for an additional power meter base unit for this application.

The RandS FSC spectrum analyser is available in four models (up to 3GHz or 6GHz, with or without a tracking generator).

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