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Spectrum Metrology has launched the VideoCAD series to the UK for precise, high-speed measurement of 2D geometries.

The devices are suited to profiles made of plastic, aluminium, wood, rubber and metal, as well as stamped parts of any kind.

The VideoCAD combines speed with precision up to E2= (4+L/50).

Combined with dedicated measurement software to give ‘tailor made’ measurements, the VideoCAD offers a range of applications.

The software allows geometries to be recorded (lengths, diameters, radii, angles) and CAD comparisons, 2D bestfit and prototype inspections.

A combination of transmitted and incident light ensures that all visible contours can be measured, even on parts composed of more than one type of material.

The ultra-high resolution optics on the VideoCAD ensure distortion-free measurement with calibrated measuring ranges.

The entry-level VideoCAD system is the VideoCAD1, a portable optical measuring device for objects of up to 80 x 60mm.

VideoCAD3 is a larger system that can be integrated into the production process and measures objects up to 225 x 168mm.

Using Saphir software, all measurement sequences can be pre-programmed to allow unskilled operators to carry out measurements at the touch of a button.

Using the pre-programmed software, the recording and evaluation of measured data can be accomplished in a few milliseconds, giving a complete copy of the measurement object compatible with DXF files.

Further processing is then possible up to the point of a VDA/ISO first-sample inspection report.

Spectrum Metrology

Spectrum Metrology is a specialist in the field of electro-optical metrology, surface roughness, contact and non-contact metrology applications. Our comprehensive measurement range includes:

  • The Taylor Hobson Surtronic range of workshop surface finish measurement instruments, including the Surtronic Duo and Surtronic 25 with Talyprofile software
  • The Taylor Hobson Surtronic-R high-speed workshop roundness measurement system
  • A wide range of laser tracker accessories including target holders, drift nests, retroreflectors and tripods
  • The Taylor Hobson alignment, angle and level products including the Talyvel electronic level, micro alignment telescope, clinometers and autocollimator range
  • The FARO Gage Plus portable CMM with a working volume of 1.2m
  • A range of dimensional measurement solutions including the digital projector, workshop microscope, VideoCAD 2D geometry system and shaft measurement systems
  • The Optimet Conoprobe non-contact probe, using conoscopic holography for advanced 3D measurement of complex components
  • The Solartron range of displacement and dimensional transducers

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With many years' metrology experience, Spectrum Metrology is not just a distributor: we take the time to understand your application, study your drawings, measure your components and offer you the best solution to your measurement problems.

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