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Emotron has announced that its FDU/VFX variable speed drives now support communication via industrial Ethernet using Modbus TCP.

This international networking standard provides high capacity and reliability as well as full connectivity to existing communication systems.

Connecting an Emotron variable speed drive to an industrial Ethernet network offers simplified installation, commissioning and troubleshooting.

Ethernet communication for the Emotron FDU/VFX is currently being tested by Emotron customers and will be on sale at the turn of 2008/2009.

The solution is based on the certified plug-in module Anybus Compactcom from HMS, supporting all major fieldbus protocols and industrial Ethernet protocols.

Like all Emotron products, the Emotron FDU/VFX also supports fieldbus communication via Profibus and Devicenet.

Connecting an Emotron FDU/VFX to an industrial Ethernet network also offers the operators quicker access to more information.

They can use a laptop for a more comprehensive and informative operator interface than with a control panel display.

A built-in web server using the HTTP protocol provides the option of remote monitoring and configuration, for example, using a PC in the control room or from another location via the internet over a secure VPN connection.

This improves efficiency and reliability by providing easy access to the connected units for setting process parameters, viewing process status and so on.

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