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Briggs Equipment, has launched the Speedshield asset-management tool that is said to promote optimum safety and efficiency, giving customers complete control over their fleet.

Speedshield encourages best-practice driver behaviour by enforcing a tailored HSE checklist on startup.

This standard feature gives users a paperless online HSE compliance record with exceptions locking out a unit and informing appropriate supervisors.

Speedshield offers a range of modules so that users can select the options and solutions to match their exact needs and requirements.

Options include zoning: enforce variable speed limits around a site or multiple sites; two-way commands: control fleet performance and speed in real time from any online PC; impact detection: managers are immediately alerted by any significant impacts facilitating fast and efficient investigation; auto-shutdown suite: covering unlatched seatbelts to impact emergency shutdown to idle timeouts Speedshield reports in real time on speed, truck efficiency, damage and misuse.

Customers can then access this information on any internet PC through a web-based application, eliminating the need to buy an additional software license, offering tiered levels of access and control.

Customers have the option to send commands to their fleet or an individual unit, rectifying issues immediately.

With two-way communication between the truck and an online reporting system, all machine activity can be accessed anywhere in the world and can be linked to individual drivers.

Speedshield can be programmed to read existing company ID cards, ensuring that only licensed operators use a given machine.

With a control box rated up to 90V DC, Speedshield can be hardwired into any vehicle without the need for converters or additional connectors.

Once fitted, Briggs’ BE Fleet team trains the customer to use the system for independent fleet control.

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