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The Spinner and Rising Ball style of universal flow indicators from Flow-Mon are ideal for general purpose use in plant protection applications.

The Spinner is a robust unit made in either stainless steel or bronze, with a threaded line connection, for line sizes from 1/4in (8mm) to 1 1/2in (40mm).

Rotation starts at flows as low as 0.7L/min and it features a useful indicating flow range exceeding 50:1 and low pressure loss.

The Spinner, along with sister product the Rising Ball, provide simple, low-cost flow indication whenever a calibrated indicator is not required.

The canary yellow spinner element is made from resilient polyphenylsulphide (PPS) and provides flow direction and velocity indication in water, stream, compressed air, fuel gases, hydraulic oils, cooling fluids and any other clear liquid, in vertical or horizontal flow lines.

The precision-moulded glass dome of the unit will withstand 16 bar pressure and 200C, and provides a visual window onto the process flow and fluid condition.

The Rising Ball that indicates flow on horizontal pipes is made from Teflon (PTFE) and is sensitive and also operates as a non-return valve.

Ideal for plant protection, to indicate to an operator whether there is fluid, and flow, in the line, the inexpensive units can save significant costs just in protecting one bearing or pump/impeller combination.

The additional safety provided by preventing a catastrophic failure, by giving the operator instant information when needed, pays back the costs involved many times over, according to Flow-Mon, as these are entry-level sight indicators.

Typical applications of the Spinner and Rising Ball include: lubrication or coolant flow to pumps, compressors or engines; early warning of potential overheating, bearing or seal failure; making colour changes of liquids visible during processing; welding equipment cooling flow; and indication of air entrainment in liquid flows.

The Spinner and Rising Ball require virtually no routine maintenance and are available off the shelf from Flow-Mon’s factory in Harrogate.

Established in 1971 as a European manufacturer/distributor of flow rate indicators and flow switches, Flow-Mon redesigned the products to meet the demands of the most difficult industrial applications in 1979. In the mid-1980s, the 'Low Flow' (also known as 'CC' or 'Piston') unit was introduced to complete the range of products and offer low flow indication.

In October 2001, a new management team was brought in to move the company forward, with Nathan Smith as managing director. In 2009, Flow-Mon manufactured and sold approximately 5,500 flow monitors and in 2010 was on target to produce 6,000 units.

We specialise in making economical, robust and user-friendly flow monitoring and switch instrumentation and in the past five years have added to our range with two variations of 'sight indicators', the Flow-Mon rising ball and spinner models and the spout-and-flapper-style sight glasses. These products have been a great addition to our range and are satisfying customers with their superior quality.

With a combination of more than 35 years' experience in manufacturing good-quality, robust, affordable products and a new team determined to satisfy all our customers' requirements, Flow-Mon is in a strong position to tackle the challenges faced by manufacturing companies in the 21st century.

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