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Reliance Precision Mechatronics has extended its range of spiral-beam couplings to increase the maximum torque, so that they can be used for heavy-duty measurement applications and in linear drives.

This higher torque capacity is achieved by using multi-beam helixes, with the largest offering a maximum torque of up to 22Nm.

These new couplings combine high torsional stiffness with low radial stiffness, thus protecting the bearings and the shafts of the connected drive parts.

The couplings are manufactured in one piece, having no moving parts avoids friction loss and the design guarantees good vibration damping.

The bore of the helix section is standard, allowing shafts to be placed into the coupling without affecting function.

Feather key grooves are also available.

The couplings can be supplied in a range of sizes with outer diameters from 9.5 up to 38.1mm and an overall length from 14.2 up to 66.7mm.

Bores are available from 2 up to 22mm, with clamp or set screw-type fixing hubs.

Alternative bore combinations are also possible.

The couplings can be supplied in aluminium or stainless steel, allowing them to be used in various applications such as those requiring a high temperature range or the food industry.

These couplings are suitable for heavy-duty rotary position transducers, servo and stepper motors, mechanical and mechatronic drive assemblies and in automation applications.

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