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Spiroflow has revealed that its Rise and Fall bulk bag filler is being used by a Middle East-based supplier of a mixed fruit and nut product to load 300kg batches into bulk bags with no damage.

The supplier’s product contains whole walnuts, which are particularly fragile.

To avoid fruit and nuts having to fall the full height of an empty bulk bag, the bottom of the empty bag is raised up to just below the outlet of the filling tube.

The gap between the end of the tube and the bottom of the bag is just enough to allow the nuts to gently flow into the bag without damage.

The bag is then lowered slowly to allow filling to continue.

The lowering of the bag controls the flow of the fruit and nuts down the filling tube due to the self-choking action caused by the natural angle of repose of the product as it exits the tube and spreads out.

Accordingly, the bottom of the bag is incrementally lowered until it is filled to the desired weight.

Following gentle vibration, the bag is ready to be removed on a pallet by a forklift truck.

For this particular application, a total of six Rise and Fall fillers were supplied by Spiroflow: four with load-cell weighing to OIML standards and gentle vibration to consolidate the bag contents; and two with vibration but no weighing.

Spiroflow said vibration makes the bags aesthetically pleasing and safe to handle, transport and store.

The four fillers with the weighing capability were supplied with printers that generate labels indicating weight, date, time, and batch number.

The Rise and Fall model can incorporate all of the standard Spiroflow bulk bag filler options, including pallet dispensers, pallet delivery conveyors, bag inflation, weighing, displaced air filtration, vibration and automatic removal of filled bags.

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