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Revolvo’s SRB SN and SD series of split roller bearings reduce downtime costs by offering direct dimensional interchangeability with standard plumber blocks that house solid bearings.

Revolvo claims that, on average, solid bearings take eight times longer to replace than split roller bearings – meaning that, when failures occur, replacing trapped solid bearings with Revolvo’s SRB SN and SD series split bearings can achieve reductions in downtime costs.

The SRB SN and SD series of split roller bearing units are designed to overcome the problem of replacing standard plummer blocks with split roller units – that of the housing-base-to-shaft centreline being higher on a split bearing, necessitating expensive modifications to machinery.

They provide a simple bolt-on solution that enables them to be interchanged with conventional plummer blocks, requiring no structural changes to adjacent machinery.

According to Revolvo, the bearings are convenient and quick to install, with an up to 80 per cent faster replacement time compared with solid bearings.

In addition, they have a new design of cage clip, which is retained via roll pins to one half of the cage during assembly and disassembly.

This is important, according to Revolvo, because lost bearing cage clips can halt production as effectively as any breakdown.

With Revolvo’s design, the maintenance engineer has a free hand, allowing bearings to be replaced faster.

Revolvo’s SRB split bearings are designed to be statically self-aligning.

This means that there is no need to accurately realign the bearing housing to the shaft or any other in-line equipment that might be involved in the installation.

Second, SRB split bearings offer users improved reliability thanks to their ability to accommodate thermal expansion of the shaft within the bearing envelope.

Third, SRB split bearings perform reliably in high-temperature environments – up to 140C for the standard bearings and up to 300C with special heat treatment.

They are also suitable for use in aggressive environments, owing to the high performance of the sealing systems available.

The bearings also benefit from featuring a spherical location between the housing and support pedestal, which ensures that, under conditions of shaft misalignment, the seals always remain concentric to the shaft.

This enables SRB split bearings to perform well in harsh operating conditions, even with shaft misalignment.

Fourth, Revolvo’s SN and SD series split roller bearings are designed to satisfy the demands of specific industries where there is a requirement to inspect production-critical bearings at regular intervals, as part of a planned maintenance campaign.

For this process, Revolvo’s design provides ‘Pry’ slots to simplify the disassembly of the housing and support pedestal, reducing the likelihood of components being broken, especially in applications where the bearing unit has been installed for some time and/or where the environment is wet.

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