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SRB Split Roller Bearings from Revolvo are being used at the Hatfield Colliery near Doncaster.

The SRB Heavy Duty 240mm split-bearing units are used on underground coal-handling conveyors, due to their ability to be replaced quickly and their sealing system, which optimises bearing life in the harsh mining environment.

The conveyors are equipped with Heavy Duty 240mm units on the main pulleys and Medium Series 110mm units on the tail pulleys.

All bearings were manufactured with bored pocket precision brass cages as standard, enabling them be used underground without any modification.

SRB split roller bearings are said to be easier to fit and replace than solid bearings, reducing fitting time by 10 to 15 per cent.

They can also be inspected in situ as part of a planned maintenance schedule and have a longer life span because they cannot be cross-located.

The design of Revolvo’s SRB bearings means that they perform well in harsh operating conditions, even with shaft misalignment, as the seal will always remain concentric to the shaft.

The company’s labyrinth seals have been used in the cement industry to solve the issue of premature wear on screw-conveyor bearings.

Revolvo provided split steel labyrinth collars that prevent the ingress of dust and the build up of cement dust in the area around the seal.

Revolvo’s range of SRB split roller bearings meets and surpasses all the demands of traditional users in process industries, and also those of users in new industries.

The range is available in Light, Medium and Heavy series in sizes from 35 to 600mm diameter, plus Imperial equivalents and larger non-catalogue sizes up to 1500mm in outside diameter.

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