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ZYP Coatings is offering its 4oz Boron Nitride Aerosol Lubricoat spray can, which allows investigators and R and D groups to test the outstanding attributes of a Boron Nitride coating.

These tests ensure that the coating is usable on all substrates and in most all environments from cryogenic temperatures up to 1,000C in air, 1,400C in vacuum and over 1,800C in inert/nitrogen atmospheres.

Boron nitride (BN) is chemically inert, being nonreactive and nonwetting with most molten metals, glasses and slags – providing non-stick, release and barrier layers to reactive materials.

The thin BN provides a dry-film lubricant for reducing friction and preventing adherence, reaction and galling, while being electrically insulating to over 1,800C and providing good thermal conductivity.

Attributes include: superior release/dry-film-lubrication/anti-stick – preventing adherence, reaction, galling; useful for hot pressing, glass forming and superplastic forming; useful from cryogenic to 1,800C – electrically insulating and thermally conducting; ideal for forming barrier layer between dissimilar materials; and prevents sticking of weld-spatter and braze-flows.

The spray can is targeted for use by researchers, engineers, scientists, designers, chemists and maintenance personnel in a range of fields.

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