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Sara’s Sprint 300 Plus clean-room door enables pharmaceutical and food companies to achieve good manufacturing practice (GMP) by improving the quality of clean rooms.

The high-speed and flexible configuration of the Sprint 300 Plus – with optional FDA-approved materials – mean that it is particularly suitable for areas where there is an air-pressure difference, such as clean rooms.

In these environments the Sprint also provides energy savings and maximum safety provision with an electrically monitored contact-safety beam and a clear safety curtain that allows personnel to see movement on either side.

Designed to conform to EN 12424 class 1 for wind resistance, the Sprint 300 Plus is a robust, flexible door that provides smooth, steady movement via a curtain-tensioning system.

It can be programmed to meet specific customer needs using Sara’s optional MCC Vector control system.

The flexibility of Sprint specification allows the door to suit widths from 1,000 to 4,000mm and heights from 1,000 to 4,200mm, making it suitable for areas with restricted headroom.

The Sprint 300 Plus is robustly constructed door that offers users the choice of galvanised steel or stainless-steel side frames and barrel and motor covers with bottom rails of anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

This choice also extends to materials for the door curtains.

The standard is clear PVC with coloured reinforcing stripes, with the options of PVC with silicon-free reinforcing stripes; Rolltex (with optional windows), which has a sound-reduction quality: Rolltex Plus Fine, which reduces sound by approximately 17dB; and FDA-approved Nomatex, which is available in yellow and grey, with optional vision panels and in a flame-retardant configuration for increased safety applications.

The Sprint 300 Plus door is also able to achieve high levels of energy saving due to its high-speed operation, with opening speeds of up to 2.2m/s provided from the optional vector-control system.

The Sprint can also be programmed for dual opening heights with the vector-control option: reduced for normal use – keeping energy losses to a minimum; and full-height opening for occasional larger equipment.

A range of integrated safety features mean that the Sprint 300 Plus provides the maximum protection for personnel in use.

The door is equipped with an electrically monitored contact safety edge and integrates a door-line stationary photo cell, which automatically stops the door if it senses an obstruction and returns it to its open position.

In addition, drop-down protection is provided by tension springs and there is a built-in facility for emergency self-opening in the event of power failure, via a Bowden lever-brake release.

Optional features include: automatic self opening; the facility for a second Bowden lever-brake release; integrated light curtains for doors above 1865mm high and a knock-out facility option for impact protection, with manual reset.

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