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Sprint Electric has brought out digital DC drives that function up to 1850A (800 KW/1080 HP).

The digital DC drives are available in two-quadrant and four-quadrant options.

They control DC motors used in heavy-industry applications such as mining, metal working or the cement industry.

The high-voltage models are available for supplies up to 690VAC to enable control of DC motors up to 750VDC.

Centre-winding macros, spindle orientation and a controllable field allow the user to control DC motors in heavy-industry applications.

The PLX is configurable by the user and comes equipped, as standard, with a comprehensive suite of application blocks.

A configuration checker detects any conflicts in the configurations generated by the user.

The motor-protection features reduce downtime.

A four-button keypad and large alpha-numeric display make it easy to quickly navigate through a range of software functions.

The PLX has a number of fieldbus communications options, including: Profibus, Devicenet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, Modbus and Canopen.

The PLX also includes PL Pilot, a windows-based configuration and monitoring software package.

All PLX models are compatible with Drive Web.

The Drive Web distributed-control technology uses Ethernet and powerful graphical tools to provide robust, programmable peer control (PPC) for drives and systems.

For typical motor-control systems, the Drive Web technology is infinitely scalable, cost effective and easy to use.

Sprint Electric can offer a range of PLX digital DC drives from 12A up to 1850A.

The PLX is part of an integrated range of analogue and digital DC drives covering single phase and three phase, regenerative and non-regenerative applications.

DC drives from Sprint Electric are being used in applications including: metal processing, the pulp and paper industry, rubber and plastic processing, lifting equipment, food processing and leisure industries.

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