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AP Technology has announced the availability of the Squich range of ILME tool-free industrial connectors, which are said to deliver a 50 per cent faster termination than screw terminals.

The Squich range of multi-pole connector inserts also deliver a connection that is claimed to be 20 per cent faster than spring connectors.

The connector can secure wires with cross-sections up to 2.5mm2, with or without ferrules, and is designed to fit the standard ILME multi-pole accessory range.

The maximum current that the connector can carry depends on the size of the wire, the ambient temperature and the number of poles in a connector block.

Current capacities of more than 20A can be achieved with 2.5mm2 wires operating in temperatures of around 20C.

To release a connection, a screwdriver is inserted into a slot and rotated slightly, lifting the button and freeing the wire.

The connectors are designed to work for more than 500 cycles.

They are available in various configurations from 6-24 poles, with 32- and 48-pole versions planned for release.

The connector blocks are supplied with actuator buttons already opened, ready for clamping.

The wires are inserted into holes next to the buttons, which are pushed down until they are flush with the connector body.

Full data and specifications are available from AP Technology, as is information on all of the ILME product range.

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