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Metrix has brought out the SRD-99 panel-mounting data recorders, which measure just 96 x 96mm and can record and display process signals in numeric, tabular or graphical format.

They are available in one, four or eight-channel versions; with either temperature (Pt100/500/1000) or 0/4 – 20mA process-control loop inputs.

Each input can be named, scaled and captioned by the installer – using the simple touch-key operated menu.

Data recording can be automatic or externally controlled by a digital input, with programmable sample intervals from one second up to one hour.

The internal memory is up to 8MB (up to two-million points), but can be significantly extended when a USB memory stick is connected.

For example, a 1GB stick can record eight-channels every second for longer than one year (250 million points).

All versions also have an RS-485 (Modbus RTU) serial port for configuration using the supplied S-Toolkit Windows software and data transfer to the Loggy Soft data analysis and archiving software.

With the USB option, data can also be downloaded and transferred by a USB flash memory stick.

A lockable clear plastic door accessory can prevent unauthorised operation and provides environmental protection to IP 42 standards.

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