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Lorlin Electronics has expanded its SRL key-operated miniature lock switch range with the addition of the IRL impulsion type for alarm control systems, industrial and factory equipment and more.

The IRL provides two switch positions, a maintained centre ‘neutral’ position and the ‘active’ position at 60 clockwise with a spring return to the centre.

The simple-to-mount Lorlin IRL key switch requires a 16mm panel piercing hole, projects less than 30mm behind the mounting panel and is available with either single- or double-pole switching contacts.

The key lock switch configuration has applications in secure resetting of alarm and control systems, industrial and factory equipment, security gates and shutters, vending machines and other applications.

In common with the existing sealed WRL miniature switch, the IRL impulsion switch can withstand a cable pull force of more than 50N to meet the vigorous environment found on vehicles and portable equipment.

With switch contacts rated at 1A, 24V AC/DC resistive load, the IRL has an operating temperature of -20C to +65C.

The locks on the Lorlin IRL impulsion switch can have up to 200 differs keys or be supplied with a common key.

Front panel bezels are finished in bright silver as standard, and a matt black finish is available to order.

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