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Symetix has introduced Symetix Secure Connection (SSC), a service for Verisym and OptyxSG inspection systems.

SSC gives Symetix engineers network access to the installed vision system and enables them to perform remote diagnostics using data, images and other information that is not possible with telephone support.

With this direct connection, services can be provided at any hour of the day, which reduces downtime while saving customers time and money.

SSC enables customers and Symetix engineers to make a simple and secure network connections to the inspection system, even when it is behind a network firewall.

With SSC, customers may back up logs and setups to a secure archive, and move logs and batch records to any computer with a network connection.

When permitted by the customer, Symetix engineers may also be allowed access to the machine user interface, as well as data, images and logs.

SSC allows machine logs, product setups, images and other information relating to the status and performance of the inspection system to be shared in a controlled and secure manner by the customer for purposes of remote diagnostics, customer assistance and secure batch log storage.

SSC is offered as a standalone service and as part of a more comprehensive service package that includes replacement parts and an annual on-site machine audit by a field engineer.

SSC is part of Key Technology’s Proliance suite of support services and is built on Axeda technology.

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