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Furness Controls will exhibit its range of low differential pressure instruments at Process Engineering Live.

It will also present ancillary items associated with those products for use in flow applications.

Furness’s differential pressure transmitters are based on a capacitance transducer, which stabilises the low pressure and flow measurement for long term trouble-free use.

Furness will display its low differential pressure transmitters with measurement capabilities from 0.01 Pascals to 20,000 Pascals in positive and negative ranges, which suit most low pressure applications.

These range from dirty environments such as power generation and steel and brick manufacturing, to ultra-clean conditions in the medical, pharmaceutical and nuclear sectors.

Its range of Pitot tubes and laminar flow elements, when linked with its transmitters, can measure low flows in ducts or stacks, as well as various respiratory applications.

These have options of dual relays and square root extraction function for duct flow measurement and are used by pharmaceutical companies around the world.

A new version of this transmitter, the FCO342, is also available in stainless steel for flush mounting and easy cleaning.

This version can easily be fitted in to existing apertures.

Furness’s FCO354 is an ATEX certified differential transmitter, with optional display for use in hazardous areas with square root option for flow measurement.

Process Engineering Live will take place at Manchester Central on 10 and 11 March 2009.

ProcessEngineering Live! 2009

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