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Staccato Communications has announced that its Ripcord2 range of single-chip UWB solutions has achieved Wireless USB certification from the USB-IF.

Ensuring seamless interoperability with multiple vendors, this latest certification marks a significant production readiness milestone for Ripcord2, and enables wireless USB for the masses.

Staccato has also announced FCC regulatory certification for Ripcord2 in Band Groups 1, 3 and 6.

Certification from the USB-IF permits Staccato the use of the Wireless USB logo to highlight product compliance and interoperability to the Wireless USB specification.

Ripcord2 has also already earned official Wimedia PHY certification for the Spectrum Extension Release (SER) specification, which will pave the way for future versions of Wireless USB products.

The certification of Ripcord2 will allow it to be listed on the USB-IF Integrators List under the category of peripheral silicon, designating it as a building block for the deployment of Wireless USB in a broad class of devices.

Ripcord2 utilises 65nm Cmos process technology and is suitable for high-volume consumer applications including handsets, DSC/DVC, printers, PMP, wireless audio/video and mass storage.

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