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Innovative Molding has launched a range of stackable scoops for customers who use powdered and granular products including nutraceuticals, food supplements and chemicals such as soaps and detergents.

Currently available in several sizes from 25cc to 90cc with either short or long handles, additional sizes will soon be added.

For consumers, the tapered shape of the scoop’s cup eases scooping and eliminates air pockets for improved measuring accuracy.

For product manufacturers and packaging customers, the tapered shape allows the scoops to be stacked in nested logs to reduce shipping and storage costs and to improve sustainability.

Although Innovative Molding will initially tumble-pack stackable scoops into cases, it plans to begin packing and shipping nested stacks of stackable scoops in 2011.

Stacking nested logs of scoops enables 60-90 per cent more scoops to be packed in each case and pallet.

This will result in 60-90 per cent less packing material, less freight costs and fewer trips to the warehouse to stock scoops during the packaging operation.

With new tooling, the scoops eliminate flashing, nicks and other blemishes that are common on scoops that are made with older tooling.

Standard stackable scoops are available in white, black or natural colours; custom colours are also available upon request.

The scoop measurements are stamped on the top of the handle to facilitate viewing.

To maximise branding potential, Innovative Molding can emboss the customer’s name and/or logo on top of the scoop’s handle.

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